Criminal Law

If you are under investigation for a serious crime, or have been arrested for an offense, you likely know that you have many important decisions to make. Your first choice should be to retain the representation of a tenacious trial lawyer who will guard your rights.

That person is David Sadler.

We will FIGHT for your rights. David Sadler is widely recognized by judges, opposing counsel, and more importantly, our former clients for our diligence in defending clients charged with crimes throughout Indiana. Our law firm is well-recognized for how we prepare cases for trial.

The effectiveness of legal arguments in suppressing evidence and negotiating with prosecutors to obtain favorable results is dependent upon finding the flaws and weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Having been a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Indiana, as well as City Court Judge, David knows first hand what its like to prepare case from all sides of the table.

Simply put, he is not afraid to go to trial to guard the rights of clients charged with crimes. We leverage our thoroughness in preparing for trial to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in every matter we handle, including dismissal of charges, acquittal at trial or reduced charges to minimize the adverse impact of a criminal case. You should have comfort knowing that the Mr. Sadler has years of successful jury trial experience.

We understand the overall impact that a criminal conviction can have on your life — and your future. In addition to the direct consequences involving prison or jail time, hefty fines and probationary supervision, a conviction can have an adverse impact on academic, military and job opportunities. Our comprehensive criminal defense representation includes helping individuals seek expungement of criminal records and diligent assistance helping drivers with suspended licenses legally get back on the road with specialized driving privileges. In some cases, we may be able to help reduce a felony conviction to a misdemeanor.

We are fully prepared to provide effective representation to criminal charges across the spectrum of offenses, including:

• Driving under the influence, commonly referred to as DUI, OWI or DWI charges
• Driving with a suspended license
• All manner of misdemeanor or felony traffic offenses
• Controlled substance offenses, including drug possession, drug dealing, trafficking or distribution, or manufacturing
• White collar crimes
• Theft and property offenses
• Burglary charges
• Robbery Charges
• Battery, including domestic battery matters
• Sex Crimes
• Murder Charges
• Expungements

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