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If you are faced with a legal issue that can only be resolved through litigation, having the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer is an invaluable asset. We provide qualified legal services and representation for individual and business clients throughout Indiana in cases involving a broad range of areas of law. Whether you are involved in a contract dispute, a business dissolution, or a will contest case, we use our skill, knowledge and significant trial experience to defend your rights and pursue your objectives.

Established, Experienced, Effective

Since 1997, David Sadler has maintained an active litigation practice, representing clients in courts located throughout Indiana and Illinois. We represent clients involved in a wide variety of civil matters, including:

• Personal injury cases
• Medical malpractice cases
• Contract litigation
• Commercial litigation
• Property disputes
• Real estate sale/purchase agreement disputes
• Easement and property boundary issues
• Title/ownership issues
• Will contest actions
• Business ownership litigation
• Environmental law proceedings
• Eminent domain cases
• Civil rights cases
• Any other type of civil litigation

We have significant courtroom experience. We have a reputation for being prepared and for aggressive courtroom representation.

Our attorneys are comfortable in the courtroom and have experience representing clients in virtually every county across Indiana. We regularly represent clients in local, state and city courts.

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